Joseph Plateau

Track listing:
1.Whispering Hton
2.Image Of A Girl (Ophelia)
3.Frozen Angel
4.Theater, Theatre
6.Accident Meet With The Left Part Of Your Smile At 13:47
7.Nightyellow Colour
8.Long Ago Exile
9.Two Pathetic Guitars And Violin Under Your Pillow
10.Superintendent And The Nine Ballerines
11.Grave-digger, Grave-digger, Family Vault And The Kiss
12.Marshal Tito's Parade
13.Whispering Hton (reverse)

Rcorded between October 2005. and November 2007. in Studio '53 (Bačka Topola) except tracks 5,6,9 (recorded by Edvard Halas in Subotica) and tracks 1,7,13 (recorded by Igor Dević in Subotica).

Igor Dević: vocals, acoustic guiar, bass, keyboards, samples. 
Ljubiša Jojić: acoustic guitar, vocals, keyboards.

Songs written, arranged and produced by Dević/Jojić (except for track 9. written by Dević/Jojić/Stanković and track 11. written by Ljubiša Jojić)
Additional personnel: Tijana Stanković (violins on tracks 5,9) and Ivan Čkonjević (acoustic guitars on track 5).

Artwork: Daguerrotype portrait of Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau (1801-1883).
             License details: PUBLIC DOMAIN because of age.


Superintendent And The Nine Ballerines [Promo CD] (2006) sellf-released

Track listing:
1.Superintendent And The Nine Ballerines
2.Accident Meet With The Left Part Of Your Smile At 13:47
3.Grave-Digger,Grave-Digger,Family Vault And The Kiss [home demo]

Recorded in August 2006. by Studio '53 (Bačka Topola); Edvard Halas (Subotica); Ljubiša Jojić (Bačka Topola).
Igor Dević: vocals, acoustic guiar  
Ljubiša Jojić: acoustic guitar, keyboard
Songs written by Dević/Jojić (except for track 3. written by Ljubiša Jojić)
Band logo: Tadija Janičić.

Gespenstertanz [with Ivan Čkonjević] (2014) self-released

Ljubiša Jojić: solo guitar.

Igor Dević: backing guitar.

Ivan Čkonjević: rythm guitar.

written and  recorded by: Dević/Jojić/Čkonjević
artwork: Sanja Stojilković

Србија (2014) self-released

Ljubiša Jojić - solo guitar.
Igor Dević - synthesizer.

*sounds of vibraphone. 
Recorded in Zemljane ćuprije street, Novi Sad, 2011.

written by: Dević/Jojić
artwork: Sanja Stojilković


Hton EP (2009) Slušaj najglasnije! (Croatia)

Track listing:
1. # # #
2.Časovničarstvo Pt.2
4.Linda Kasabian
5.Marshal Tito's Parade

Recorded in Novi Sad, December 2008. by Dimitrije Jakovljević, direct to two-track, 1/4 inch tape.  
Igor Dević: vocals, guitar
Ljubiša Jojić: guitar, vocals
Ozren Lazić: drums 
Additional personnel: András Juhász (tambourine on track 4.)
All songs written by Dević/Jojić.
All songs arranged by Hton.
Cover photo: Gordan Jarić.

Hton EP II (2010) self-released

Track listing:

3.Far Away From This
5.Marjena (mirror)

Recorded in Subotica, September 2010. by Vladimir Grubor at Studio 11.
Igor Dević: vocals, keyboards, guitar
Ljubiša Jojić: vocals, guitar, bass
Ozren Lazić: drums 
Additional personnel: TijanaStanković (bass on track 4.)
All songs written by Dević/Jojić.
All songs arranged and produced by Hton. 
Cover art: Sanja Stojilković.

Hton EP (2013) self-released

Track listing:

1.Fanfare Collapse
3.Es Regnet
4.From Outer Sound
Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by: Dimitrije Jakovljević, Novi Sad, April 2013.
Igor Dević - vocals, guitar, synths, samples
Ljubiša Jojić - vocals, guitar, bass
Ozren Lazić - drums
Dimitrije Jakovljević - bass, guitars, synths, mellotron

Written by: Dević/Jojić
Arranged by: Hton
Band logo by: Tadija Janičić

Hton EP "Firefly" (2014) self-released

Track listing:

1. Firefly
2. Soundtrack for the movie poster "Fright Night" (1985)
3. Dissolutio
4. Ht = n4 x O / √777
5. Luminosity

Ljubiša Jojić - vocals, guitars, guitar samples, lyrics arrangements
Igor Dević - guitars, samples.
lyrics: Jelena Vulin

artwork: Sanja Stojilković
written, arranged, produced and recorded by Dević/Jojić


Putnik (2008) Slušaj najglasnije! (Croatia)

With track: # # #

Recorded in Bačka Topola, August 2008. by Studio '53.
Igor Dević: vocals, acoustic guitar
Ljubiša Jojić: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Ozren Lazić: drums 
Song written and arranged by Dević/Jojić.

Putnik 2 (2012) Slušaj najglasnije! (Croatia)

With track: Coagulated Blues

Recorded in Subotica, September 2011. by Balans Studio.
Igor Dević: vocals, guitar
Ljubiša Jojić: guitar
Ozren Lazić: drums 
Jelena Vulin: bass
Song written by Dević/Jojić.
Song arranged by Hton.